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We want our clients’ homes to reflect their tastes and needs in each space—so every phase of our process invites collaboration to bring the client's vision to life. Because we also offer construction and interior design in-house (in addition to architecture), we have the opportunity to keep the process as seamless as possible by ensuring the design is never lost in the different phases of each project.


During our pre-design meeting, we spend time talking with the client(s) about each space that they envision in their future home in great detail—their wants, needs, lifestyles, and quirks. We spend this meeting getting to know our clients and how they live to understand priorities, and ensure that no detail is missed as we begin to sketch the initial floor plans.


We present initial floor plan ideas to give a feel for the home’s layout, making adjustments to different spaces until the design is exactly what the client is looking for.


Detailed construction drawings begin, including elevations of the exterior and interior to ensure the style is in line with the client’s vision. We continue adding detail to the photorealistic 3D model to communicate all aspects of the design—clients can even use Oculus virtual reality goggles to fully immerse themselves in their future home.


Details are finalized as we prepare drawings to submit for permits, working with engineering and building teams to get all the pieces in place.


Working with builders, contractors and designers throughout the construction process as needed, we supervise work in real time as the project breaks ground and begins to take shape.

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